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"Only for Love" is a mainland Chinese urban romance drama adapted from the novel "Flirting with The Wrong Person" by Qiao Yao. It is directed by Guo Hu, known for "Mysterious Lotus Casebook" and "Tiger and Crane," with a screenplay by Yang Qianzi. The drama stars Bai Lu from "One and Only" and Wang Hedi from "Love Between Fairy and Devil" in leading roles. The story revolves around Zheng Shuyi (played by Bai Lu), a successful financial journalist who strives to secure an exclusive interview with Shi Yan (played by Wang Hedi), the CEO of Mingyu Yunchuang. During their interview, they leave a deep impression on each other. Zheng Shuyi writes objective and refined reports through in-depth research on various industries, while Shi Yan seeks out potential and socially responsible startups for investment, aiming to give back to society. Shi Yan realizes that Zheng Shuyi's viewpoints in her reports often align with his own values, and he accepts her invitation to cover a series of reports on Mingyu Yunchuang. Together, they analyze the industry, exchange ideas, and use new media channels to deliver the latest financial news to readers. They face various challenges and difficulties in the process of investment and reporting but as their two hearts clash and come closer in this professional and personal journey, Zheng Shuyi's career aspirations in electronic publications come true, and Shi Yan leads Mingyu Yunchuang to achieve successful investments. Together, they embark on a new chapter in their careers and ultimately find love. This series will be available for online streaming on iQIYI International (iQ.com).
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