Only Beautiful Season 1

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12 Episodes
Chinese MainlandFantasyArrogant SuperiorUrbanYouthMandarinNovel Adaptation


Su Ye, a closed-off girl due to the scar at the corner of her eye, got a lipstick before the death of her grandma that could allow her travel through time. By making use of the lipstick, Su Ye changed the past, recovered her beauty, switched her job from the Bureau of Quality Supervision to a 4S car shop, and climbed up step by step amid crisis. In this process, Su Ye met Han Shao, CEO of Huading Group, a man closely related to her scar at the corner of her eye. Just when Su Ye recovered her beauty, the life's journey of Han Shao was greatly changed. On the other hand, Ji Xiao, a lawyer who courted Su Ye for several years but to no avail, became Han Shao’s private legal counsel.
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