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One and Only (2021) Chinese Drama series, alongside Forever and Ever is based on the novel Yi Sheng Yi Shi Mei Ren Gu by Mo Bao Fei Bao. It tells the story of a voice actress who has memories of her past life and waits for a man who in her former life loved and respected him with all his heart but could not marry. The series is about Cui Shiyi (Bai Lu), the crown princess-to-be who was sent to the mansion to be a protégé by her elders. Cui Shiyi fell in love, without knowing it, with the Jr. Nanchen King, Zhou Shengchen (Ren Jialun) during her stay. Their relationship soon became an intimate one, yet both of them let their affection grow while restrained it with courtesy. Cui Shiyi was later forced to marry the crown prince and meanwhile, Zhou Shengchen was seriously wounded in an accident when he was leading an army during a war, and sadly died after leaving Cui Shiyi his last words.

Also Known As:

CHANG'AN MEMORIES, changan, Bones Forever Your Love, Chang An Ru Gu, Chang An Memories, Forever and Ever
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Episodes 1-24