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“Oblivion Battery” is a manga series by Eco Mikawa that has hit a record of over 200 million views on Shonen Jump+ (Shueisha), where it is currently serialized in. The manga series started in April 2018, and it has been gaining popularity due to its unique story featuring a main character with a memory loss, and the way it portrays the reality of high school baseball with a well-balanced mixture of both serious scenes and ones full of jokes. Haruka Kiyomine; an unbeatable, strong-armed pitcher, who was well-known in the middle school baseball world. Kei Kaname; a sharp catcher with the nickname “Commander”. Together, they were known as the “Monster Battery”. Schools around Japan with strong baseball teams tried to scout the two, but for some reason, they ended up enrolling to Kotesashi High School - a school completely unknown in the baseball world. It also turns out that Kei had lost his memory, together with all of his knowledge of baseball. Moreover, they were not the only ones enrolling to Kotesashi High School; a few other geniuses who left the baseball world after losing to the “Monster Battery” had also found their way to the school… An unexpected reunion gets them moving again, and that marks the start to their High School Baseball Story!
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Episodes 1-6
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