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After the An Shi Rebellion was settled, the remaining An Shi villains set up the Feibi Gang, which frequently carried out terrorism in attempt to reignite the scourge of war and subvert the Tang Dynasty. In the 12th year of Zhengyuan, the Feiyi bandits, led by those of the Kongkongdao, planned to take hostage the ambassadors of the seven states of Wei Bo and rise to the north of the river. In order to protect the peace of the world, the Chang Shui Clan, a group of Jianghu swordsmen, sent its master, Zhaoniang, posing as Nie Yinniang, the long-lost daughter of Wei Bo general Nie Feng, to secretly infiltrate Wei Bo and wait for an opportunity to kill the leader of the Feiyi Clan. The Feiyi Gang and the Changshui Clan each set up a lot of traps in Wei Bo, and a battle of life and death is about to break out between the two sides.
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