Never Say Goodbye

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3 years ago, police officer Liu Yuanwen's wrong intel caused the death of his fianceé, a newly appointed police officer, Rong Yu, in a drug war. The drug task force member, Rong Yao had a fallout with Liu Yuanwen due to his sister's death. Disheartened, Liu Yuanwen left the police force and cut off all contact. For revenge, Rong Yao worked hard for 3 years and got promoted to the head of the force in Yungang City. In order to crush the drug cartel Group K and expose the leader, Spectre, the Public Security Bureau establish Task Force 84, lead by Rong Yao, who wishes to seek revenge. Unexpectedly, their first task is to support Liu Yuanwen, the only undercover agent in Group K so that he can get closer to the core of Group K. The ruthlessness of reality brings these two suffering souls to work together again. As they get closer to the truth, they find out that Rong Yu may still be alive.
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