Never Give Up(Thai ver.)

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40 Episodes


The third planning department of Gaofa Electronics Group is a brainstorming department responsible for innovation. It has successfully proposed the "Gaosi 3s" cross-generation model, which has become the main product of the group for ten years, and has established Gaosi Electronics as a leader in the industry. It has become a highly prized department, but since then, they have been stagnant, and they ran out of ideas... Now it's been rendered to a useless department...! The third planning department has the most "talented" elites (office workers) in Gaosi Electronics: there is Li Tianran, the only person in the entire workplace who is convinced that the third planning department can rebuild their glory; Fan Sisi, a young lady who has a secret double life; there is a Bai Mashuai who is richer than you but works harder than you, and just loves to work; there is also a delicate yet tough Wu Zhengxing, a half-retired boss Cui Hualang, and director, who is also a rocker, director Yu... Although they are ordinary, they are also struggling to rebuild the glory of the third department and their respective career prospects.
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