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My Wife's Double Life is a period drama directed by Zhao Jintao (The Red, Iron Age), starring Tang Xiaotian (Put Your Head on My Shoulder) and Zhuang Dafei (I Don't Want To Be Friends With You). This drama is adapted from the novel "The Thief Wife" by popular author Yan Nong on Jinjiang Wenxuecheng. The mysterious thief "Thief Wife," whose name is Liu Rong (played by Zhuang Dafei), was saved by Duke Su (played by Zhang Hailin) 13 years ago during a flood in the south, and in order to repay his kindness, Liu Rong decided to help Duke Su to find an account book of the flood control 13 years ago in the house of Xu Chengsi, the former Minister of Works. Thus, she got married to Xu Muchen (played by Tang Xiaotian), Xu Chengsi's son. After marrying Xu Muchen as "Su Jinzhen," Liu Rong is the gentle and considerate Mrs. Su on the surface, but secretly she infiltrates various places in Xu's house many times under the instruction of the Duke Su to look for the account book, and also repeatedly fights with Xu Muchen as the thief's wife. When Xu Muchen cause trouble to the "Thief Wife," he would come back home to be punished by "Su Jinzhen," the wife. In the constant daily life and "official and thief encounter" in the two gradually fall in love. But as Liu Rong's investigation proceeds, she discovers that Duke Su is not so innocent, and that the person behind the flooding thirteen years ago implicitly points to Duke Su himself. At the same time, Liu Rong's true identity is also discovered by Xu Muchen. Under the shroud of shocking conspiracy, this pair of "happy couple" finally work together to punish the treacherous, the two also finally become a pair of fairy couple to indulge in the landscape. The drama will be broadcasted online on iQIYI's international site (iq.com).
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