My Uncanny Destiny (Thai ver.)

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24 Episodes


In ancient times, there were two cities, Muxi City and Xuanyue City, which have been at war for generations trying to annex each other. The old lord of Muxi City had no son but only a daughter Ye Zhaonan. The old city lord was worried that Zhaonan, as a lady inheriting the position of city lord would trigger upheavals, so he secretly hid his daughter's gender, and ordered Zhaonan to dress as a man from a young age. Even after taking over her father's position, she never stopped his disguise as a man. In an accident, Ye Zhaonan fell off a cliff and drifted down a river into Jingfu City, and by mistake, entered the palace, meeting Liu Xuanming, the lord of Xuanyue City there. Ye Zhaonan has always wished for peace between the two cities, so she concealed her true identity and stayed by Liu Xuanming's side as a palace maid to persuade him. However, her poise and actions that she carried over from being the lord stuck out like a sore thumb in the palace. As a result, the two strong forces launched a legendary power struggle...
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