My Life as a Villain Character

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24 Episodes


Office worker Ye Wange got involved in a car accident and wakes up to find herself accidentally transformed into a rich girl. Ye Wange thinks she can return to reality if she sets up the male lead Feng Muchen and the virtuous female lead Lu Wanqing together. After failing time and again, Ye Wange realizes that she can only truly leave after completing the side storylines, the emotional storyline and career storyline in the system. In the process of upgrading and fighting, she suddenly finds herself beside Feng Muchen who has changed from the domineering person to a considerate loyal friend who also understands her very well, as if they have known each other for years. It turns out that Ye Wange is in a coma after a car accident and is being treated through the telencephalic technology, and Feng Muchen also enters the telencephalic world to wake her up. With Feng Muchen's efforts, Ye Wange is finally awakened. In the end, the two of them continue the rescue and protection their love story in the real world.
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Episodes 1-24