My Lethal Man

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24 Episodes


In a thrilling kidnapping case, Shen Manning meets her "doppelganger" Zhuang Xinyan, and Xinyan's quick death forces Shen Manning to start up her "second life" with the identity of her "fiancé," a powerful and mysterious Yan Xingcheng. Shen Manning is brought by Yan Xingcheng into the whirlpool of the huge changes in the Zhuang family. From being hostile to each other, they start working on things together hand in hand, overcoming all the difficulties to finally reversing the almost-collapse of the Zhuang family. Yan Xingcheng also finally found the truth of a secret case 17 years ago... In the end, the truth of the unresolved case 17 years ago was revealed, and the two of them realized the warm power of true love and family. Yan Xingcheng and Manning join hands and start a new life with love.
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Episodes 1-24