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Kenji Nagasaki


"An unattainable (dream)" becomes "reality"! This is a world where humans commonly have supernatural abilities known as Quirks. The “quirk-less” boy Izuku Midoriya, also known as "Deku", meets his long-time No.1 hero, All Might. All Might recognizes Izuku’s heroic potential and chooses him as the successor to inherit his “One For All” Quirk. Deku is accepted into the prestigious U.A. High School, where heroes are born. He works hard to improve himself with his classmates of Class 1-A, in order to become a true hero who can protect the masses with his Quirk. In the spring of Deku’s second year at U.A. High, the heroes launch an attack against a group of enemies, the Shigarakis. Though this fierce all-out war, in which both sides are suffering huge losses, seems to have come to an end, the public’s trust in the heroes is on the wane. As a “One For All” successor with a mission to take down “All For One” and to not implicate the people around him, Deku leaves U.A. High to go to battle alone. As he is plagued with anxiety, it is his classmates from Class 1-A who helps him out. U.A. High’s heroic students are determined to face the battle together, while their enemies, the Shigarakis and “All For One”, are plotting to annihilate them. The "ultimate battle" is approaching. Meanwhile, another hero from America appears… Can Deku and his friends bring peace and happiness back into people’s lives?
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Episodes 1-7
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