Mommy' s Counterattack

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16 Episodes


Five years ago, after suffering the double blow of her husband's cheating and her child's untimely death, Yun Qingqing ran away in despair. Five years later, she became a top model and a famous fashion designer. She returned with a vengeance and infiltrated the Jiang family as a nanny, looking for the key to revenge – a key to prove all the truth. As a model, she takes revenge on her stepsister Yun Miaomiao and have her be put on the spot frequently; as a nanny, she unravels the difficulties Jiang Ling deliberately put in her way, and flirting with him so bad that he's all flustered. Behind all this is the genius cutie An An who is basically a sheep in wolfskin, creating opportunities for Yun Qingqing to get close to Jiang Ling. Eventually, the loving couple gradually realized that everything five years ago was a huge misunderstanding, and the person that has led to it is not just one person...
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