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Korean drama "Military Prosecutor Doberman" is co-produced by director Jin Chang-gyu of "Chip In" and screenwriter Yoon Hyun-ho of "Lawless Lawyer". "Military Prosecutor Doberman" tells the story of Doberman (played by Ahn Bo Hyun), who became a military prosecutor for money, and Cha Woo In (played by Jo Bo Ah), who became a military prosecutor for revenge, and together, they work together to unravel the darkness and corruption within the army, a story of becoming a true military prosecutor, Ahn Bo Hyun plays the military prosecutor "Doberman". He is tall and handsome in military uniform and walks like it's for a photo shoot, but in fact he looks forward to the day when he takes off his military uniform every day. Jo Bo Ah plays the rookie prosecutor "Cha Woo In" who was born as the only daughter of a chaebol. She has strong eyes, an upright attitude, and unstoppable eloquence. She is not afraid of the powerful at all, and her sophisticated searching ability makes her even less like a newcomer. This drama is led by Ahn Bo Hyun ("Yumi's cells" "Descendants of the Son") and Jo Bo Ah ("Tale of the Nine-tailed" "Forest"). This drama will air an episode every Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 12:00, on iQIYI's global site (iq.com) starting from March 1, 2022.
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Episodes 1-16
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