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Korean drama Melancolía (2021) tells a beautiful yet forbidden love story between a beautiful math teacher Ji Yoon-soo (played by Lim Soo-jung) and a math genius Baek Seung-yoo (played by Lee Do-hyun). Melancolía is set in a private high school, Ahseong High School. Ji Yoon-soo’s delicate appearance leaves people with a gentle and kind first impression, but in reality, she has a tough and stubborn personality. Once she is determined to do something, she will keep pushing forward. Ms. Ji is passionate about math and sacrifices sleep and food when she runs into a difficult math problem. When it comes to math, she encourages students to find their own way of solving problems. The quiet Baek Seung-yoo doesn’t care about anything and ranks the lowest in the entire school. He is seen as a problem student in everyone’s eyes. However, he has actually participated in several math olympiads when he was younger. He was given an offer to attend MIT when he was 10, but unexpectedly, he withdrew and completely disappeared when he was 12. He was called the “Vanished Math Genius” and has a shocking past. With Ms. Ji’s concern and guidance, the problem student Baek Seung-yoo’s grades improves and becomes the top student in the class. However, Ms. Ji never would’ve expected that her concern would result in a teacher-student scandal among the other students and parents. The Korean drama Melancolía is led by Lim Soo-jung (Search: "WWW", "I'm Sorry, I Love You") and Lee Do-hyun ("18 Again", "Sweet Home") and created by director Kim Sang-hyeob ("True Beauty") and screenwriter Kim Ji-woon ("Hyde, Jekyll, Me"). Melancolía is a tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama that will start airing on November 10th, 2021, taking over the slot of “Hometown”. The drama will be streaming online on the iQIYI International Website (iq.com).
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Episodes 1-16
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