Marry Me, My Evil Lord

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20 Episodes


Mei Shiqi is a junior Secret Guard in the Secret Guards Department. She is young and frivolous, and her life goal is to gain the respect of her superior, be promoted to a special-grade Secret Guard, earn a million dollars in silver, and find a husband who meets her standards. However, due to her relatively low qualifications, she has neither been able to find opportunities to showcase her prowess nor meet a husband who meets her requirements and loves her. Emperor Yu's favorite concubine Lady Chen dies unexpectedly, shocking both the court and the public. He orders the Secret Guards to investigate the case secretly. Because the palace is involved, there are many inconveniences for male Secret Guards. Mei Shiqi bravely recommends herself, and after much persuading, a military order is issued and she finally gets the job. The senior brothers are all worried she would be torn to pieces by Leng Moyan, the ruthless Vice Minister of the Investigation Bureau. Sure enough, Leng Moyan, who is Emperor Yu’s personal bodyguard, is extremely sinister and paranoid. He doesn’t trust the Secret Guards Department at all, let alone this young and inexperienced girl. Mei Shiqi works hard to investigate the case with passion, but is repeatedly scorned, ostracized, and hindered by Leng Moyan, which enrages her very much.
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