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Love You Seven Times is a sweet yet angsty xianxia drama directed by Li Nan, starring Yang Chaoyue (Heroes), Ding Yuxi (The Romance of Tiger and Rose), with special appearances from Yang Haoyu (The Righteous Fists), Dong Xuan (Beijing Love Story), Hai Lu (New My Fair Princess), Zheng Guolin (Noble Aspirations), Yu Bo (Crossroad Bistro), and He Wenjun (Super Sketch Show). The drama is adapted from the xianxia novel "One Moment of Impulsiveness, Seven Lives of Unluckiness," which tells the story of Xiang Yun, a fairy of the Moon Elder Pavilion, and Chou Kong, a disciple of the Star King of Mouri, who were sent down to the mortal world by the Jade Emperor to experience seven lifetimes of love. Xiang Yun (played by Yang Chaoyue) was originally a cloud, but was later transformed into a fairy by the Moon God and worked in the Moon God's Court. The two of them quarreled and accidentally messed up the red rope, leading to a marriage chaos in the three worlds. The Jade Emperor found out about it and punished them both for going through seven lives of love before they could return to the heavenly realm, and the story began from there. The drama will be aired online on iQIYI international site (iQ.com).
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