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30 Episodes
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"Love The Way You Are" is directed by Zhongzhong ("Love Is Sweet", "Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog's Time"), and starred by Angelababy ("Bride Wars", "Hot Summer Days"), Lai Kuanlin ( "A Little Thing Called First Love" and "Don't Disturb My Study"). The drama tells the sweet love story of Yin Yike, who seems to have a perfect life, and her childhood partner Xu Guangxi. Yi Yike (played by Angelababy), who seems to have a perfect life, lives a 35-year-old life as a matter of course. Whether in the company or at home, she is thoughtful all around. Like a never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her except herself. Until she met in a corner of a convenience store, the boy, Xu Guangxi (played by Lai Kuanlin) who used to often went to her place to have meals when she was a girl. Xu Guangxi returns from his studies abroad, but this boy who used to just feel a sense of dependence on Yike, his feelings have budded into butterflies fluttering in his stomach. But chasing Yike is nothing short of a difficult feat. It entails a fast-moving life and ultra-realistic pressure. But for love, Guangxi becomes more mature and and adjusts his footsteps, taking firm steps towards Yike. The two throbbing hearts who have experienced countless challenges and choices are getting closer little by little, and they also understand that the best love is not to sacrifice each other, but to attract and respect each other, so that each other can become better people.
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