Love the Way You Are (2019)

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24 Episodes


“Love the Way You Are” (2019) tells the funny and romantic love story of Eva/Zhen Yuanyuan (Judy Qi), a new star in the model world who can get fat any time, and Ruan Dongsheng (Derek Chang), the handsome male protagonist. Zhen Yuanyuan had confessed her love to Ruan but was rejected and she was vengeful due to misunderstandings. After losing weight, she became a popular super model with slim figure, but could only eat 1,000 calories a day because of a weird illness “Balloon Syndrome”. The only exception is the food Ruan cooks. Tall and handsome Ruan Dongsheng is the CEO and chef of a light food group. However, his low EQ and inconsiderateness has been stopped him from having a relationship. By feeding and helping Zhen out, he found the secret she tried to hide…… It is adapted from the short story of the same name in Zhang Haochen’s popular youth novel Just For Meeting You.
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