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Tian Tian is an illustrator, and it has always been her dream to become a designer of designer toys. When she applied for a job as a designer, she found out that the designer toys of Qiansheng Group had copied her previous illustration works. After Tian Tian asked the Qiansheng Group for a few times, she got the attention of the president of the group, Liu Xilai. He not only bought the copyright of the copied work, but also let Tian Tian join the Qiansheng Group as a designer, and at the same time act as the president's special assistant to help him solve some personal affairs. At first, Tian Tian relies on her diligence and enthusiasm to take care of both sides. But as the work of Liu Xilai's special assistant becomes more and more demanding, Tian Tian is exhausted and cannot meet Liu Xilai's requirements, causing the two of them to be caught in various conflicts in both work and life. What follows after is a crisis that ushered in Quansheng Group... Liu Xilai and Tian Tian come together to protect Qiansheng Group. Along with their colleagues, they managed to not only grow as a company, but also individually.
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Episodes 1-18