Love Crossed

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36 Episodes
Chinese MainlandMysteryDramaUrbanYouth


The AR romance simulator game "Love Boys" has created a group of perfect characters known as the Y4, which consists of Lu Xiao, Su Lie, Xu Nian, and Luo Ke. But in the reality, the characters are created based on data collected by Yaoyu Inc. from the real-life idol group G4. Unlike their virtual counterpart, G4 is a group full of flaws, not to mention they are unbelievably dense when it comes to love. Our protagonist, a girl named Jiang Kele, and her friend Guan Qian Ya stumbled upon the dark conspiracy and secrets behind the success of "Love Boys". Xu Guanghan, the CEO of Yao Inc, is the mastermind of this operation. Inspired by Kele and Qianya, G4 tries to escape. But their plan is hindered by obstacles in their path.
  • 1-24
  • 25-36
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