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40 Episodes


Obstetrician Guo Jing is keen on studying, reasoning, analyzing, and judging everything and he also does it on the clinical front line. The marginal doctor, regarded by leaders as "incompetent", intends to chase after Huang Rong, the youngest and most beautiful attending in the hospital, who has been awarded with a state government subsidy. Huang Caiyun, the immediate leader of Guo Jing as well as the director of the obstetrics department, is the elder sister of Huang Rong. She doesn’t allow younger sister to marry such a man, so she keeps creating difficulties and obstacles for Guo Jing everywhere. As a young and ordinary doctor, Guo Jing finds out what puzzles Huang Rong from both work and life. Then he cares for her with his unremitting efforts and has been protective towards her. In the end, he lives a happy life with Huang Rong.
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