Liars in Love

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Upon returning to China, Zhou Yu, the heir of the Zhou Group, meets Jiang Lai, a scumbag appraiser who is skilled in lying and disguising. To protect the snapdragon farm her father has rented to the Zhou Group without her consent, Jiang Lai approaches Zhou Yu by impersonating his fiancée, whom he has never met before. Can Jiang Lai resolve the countless identity crises and difficulties coming her way? On the other hand, Zhou Yu is deeply embroiled in internal corporate conflicts and inheritance disputes. Is there a secret behind his sudden return to his home country? As the evenly-matched pair advance towards their respective goals, what began as a scam evolves into an unexpected romance. How will the two confront their true feelings to embrace each other through the layers of deception? What other secrets are they hiding?
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Episodes 1-24