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Korean drama "Let Me Be Your Knight" (2021) tells the story of the international superstar Yoon Tae-in (played by Jun) who suffers from sleepwalking, and a fake doctor In Yoon-joo (played by Jung In-sun) who was brought to the dormitory to provide secret treatment. During this period, the female doctor experience a series of sweet and intense stories with the 5 band members. The male lead Yoon Tae-in, is the leader, lead singer and producer of the popular international idol band "Luna”. Thanks to her her natural eloquence and likeable personality, she works as a travel guide for lonely elderlies. As she was working towards her dream of purchasing a home, she became involved in an unforeseen situation. She pretends to be a doctor and becomes a live-in doctor at “Luna’s” domitory, starting a thrilling cohabitation life with the 5 members. The other four members of the band are bassist Lee Sin (played by JR), Kim Yoo-chan (played by Yoon Ji-sung), keyboardist and youngest member Woo Ga-on (played by Kim Dong-hyun), and guitarist and sub vocalist Seo Woo-yeon (played by Jang Dong-joo). Lee Sin is a passionate and innocent man who is willing to give everything for love. Kim Yoo-chan looks ambitious, but he is actually covered with scars. Woo Ga-on (played by Kim Dong-hyun) is a lonely boy who is the keyboardist and youngest with a four-dimensional personality and chuunibyo. He is a character who makes everyone fall into fear and is unpredictable. Korean drama "Let Me Be Your Knight" stars Jun (acted in Avengers Social Club" and is a member of U-KISS and UNB) and Jung In-sun (acted in “Soonpoong Clinic" and “Han Gongju”), is directed by An Ji-sook ("Mad for Each Other”) and written by Yoo So-won ("Recipe for Happiness"). This drama will be airing on Korea’s SBS every Sunday starting from November 7, 2021, and is exclusively available for streaming online on iQIYI international (iQ.com).
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Episodes 1-12
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