Lei Zhenzi Of The Creation Gods

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The movie description is about a character named Xiading who is the child of a general in the Xiqi city. Barbarians invaded and killed Xiading's parents and all the soldiers in Xiqi. Xiading fled to Taiping Town, where he grew up with a girl named Ali, who had similar experiences of being bullied by the son of the town guard. However, in order to protect the people of Taiping Town, Xiading fought against dragons and wolves. When the barbarians invaded Taiping Town, Xiading finally discovered that he was a feathered person chosen by the Thunder God. He grew wings, summoned thunder and lightning, killed all the barbarians, and also killed the witch who was helping the barbarians. Unfortunately, Xiading's lover Ali was killed by the witch. Xiading used his wings to protect Ali, and turned into a stone man. One hundred years later, thunder and lightning struck, causing the stone to break open and a boy to be born. Ji Chang happened to pass by and adopted the boy as his son, naming him Leizhenzi. From then on, Leizhenzi, who could grow wings and summon thunder and lightning, helped Ji Chang to overthrow the tyrant Zhou.
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