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Translation: A game-loving shut-in named Kazuma Satou, who was supposed to meet his end in a traffic accident, finds himself dragging the goddess Aqua down with him due to a twist of fate. They are reborn together in a parallel world resembling an RPG game, where they embark on the adventurous life they once yearned for. Their goal is to become heroes, but Kazuma encounters a series of troubles immediately after his reincarnation. The troublemakers include the useless goddess Aqua, the obsessive chuunibyou mage Megumin, and the delusional female knight Darkness. Together with this group of highly skilled but otherwise dysfunctional individuals, Kazuma not only accumulates debts and gets into trouble with the law for allegedly attempting to overthrow the government but also occasionally battles high-ranking demon army officers, sometimes even ending up dead... One day, Kazuma and his friends receive a letter upon returning from the Crimson Demon village. It turns out to be from Princess Iris, who wishes to hear about their adventures defeating demon army officers. Accompanied by their guardian and educator, Chris, Princess Iris arrives in Axel Town. Kazuma and his friends initially believe the meeting will go smoothly, but to their surprise, Princess Iris insists, "Didn't you promise to continue telling me about your adventures?" Princess Iris won't leave Kazuma alone! When Kazuma wakes up, he finds himself in the royal capital! During the period he stays at the princess's request, Kazuma enjoys the luxurious life in the royal city. He decides to take advantage of this opportunity to stay here, but at the same time, events orchestrated by a group of noble thieves unfold in the capital...
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Episodes 1-6
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