King Kong vs. Giant Serpent

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1 h 17 m
Chinese MainlandHorror


Lin Haodong and his friend Fatso Mateng are part of the management team of a zoo that is on the brink of closure. In order to save the zoo, they sign a contract with a businessman named Wu for a large-scale international animal performance. Lin Haodong's daughter, Buding, has pseudo-autism, doesn't like to speak, and enjoys being with an orangutan. Lin Haodong decides to take advantage of this work opportunity to take his daughter on a sea trip, and they board a luxury cruise ship. In reality, they are unaware that Wu is an international profiteer who, under the guise of transporting animals, is actually shipping large quantities of heavily polluted wastewater to the open sea for disposal, earning commissions. The wastewater causes mutations in marine life nearby, including a giant snake. Suddenly attacked by the giant snake, the cruise ship undergoes a shocking transformation. Zoo animals also undergo mutations one after another. How will everyone escape this disaster? Everything is still unknown...
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