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This story tells the tale of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King, and the demon hunter Hua Qing as they work together to save the creatures of the demon world. The conflict between the gods and demons has never ceased since the creation of the universe by Pangu. Sun Wukong, who committed a heinous crime, follows Tang Sanzang to the west to retrieve the Buddhist scriptures. Along the way, he defeats his old friend Niu Mo Wang, who came seeking revenge, and seals him away. As a result, Sun Wukong is seen as a traitor by the demon world. Meanwhile, the young demon Hong Hai Er, who is practicing asceticism under the Bodhisattva, seeks to restore the glory of the demon race and avenge his people by killing Sun Wukong and rescuing Niu Mo Wang. With his extraordinary magic, Hong Hai Er becomes the king of the demon world and leads his people in causing chaos and senseless killing. In order to save the world, Sun Wukong returns to the mortal realm and meets the demon hunter Hua Qing. Together, they confront Hong Hai Er and his demon army. The heavenly general Yang Jian orders the extermination of the demon race, leading to an inevitable and bloody battle between the gods and the demons.
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