Jazz for Two

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Arts high school students who suffer from competition as bloody as general high school students' entrance exams. This drama depicts four boys who are treated like nerds and losers even there. Rebellious and innocent teenage boys who like jazz rather than mainstream music, reinterpret the charm of jazz, which has a stigma (?) as a difficult and gloomy genre, in a trendy way. While rejecting the dangerous palpitation towards each other. The process of finally breaking down oppression and discrimination and empathizing with fate. And the story of finding themselves and growing up through love and music. In the midst of the oppression and anxiety of school, practical skills, and competition. A slow and difficult first step in the late teens in a time when it seemed like it would be good. It's okay if the cacophony mixes, the rhythm shakes. In the end, it flows and becomes a swing

Also Known As:

like jazz
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