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Alan Lau


About a century ago, some Chinese came to North America and finally settled in the Atlantic Canada area.  These early Chinese settlers suffered from racial discrimination, head tax, and the Chinese Exclusion Act.  After generations of hard work, now the Chinese Immigrants have become an inseparable part of Canada, a country embracing open, inclusive, and multi-culturalism.   The project "Oral History of Canadian Chinese Immigrants" started in PEI in 2018. Since then, we have interviewed dozens of Chinese immigrants. Honoring Canada's diverse, multicultural heritage, the project will highlight the lived experience and contributions of overseas Chinese who have chosen to call Canada home. The stories of this film are about some old immigrants who live in the Atlantic Canada area, Hung-Min Chiang, Mary Muhammad Ling, David Wong, and Sophia Wong. They are all enjoying their life and love this place very much.
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Tonton Kemudian
Tonton Kemudian
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