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“Hello, I’m at Your Service” is a drama directed by Lin Yi (“Love at Night”). The main leads include Xu Lu (“Empresses in the Palace”), Miles Wei (“Word of Honor”), Liu Runnan (“Joy of Life”), and Zhang Baijia (“Under the Skin”). This series is adapted from Bu Yi Ma Qi‘s novel of the same name. It tells the story of how Dong Dong'en, a top-tier customer service representative, captures the heart of Lou Yuan, a client representative, with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage. Due to a misunderstanding between the top-tier customer service representative Dong Dong’en (played by Xu Lu) and the client representative Lou Yuan (played by Miles Wei), the mundane workplace life becomes a whirlwind. After starting the job at the client’s office, not only does Dong Dong'en excel in showcasing her top-tier professionality, but she also captures Lou Yuan's heart with her own charm in the battle of wits and courage with the client. This drama will be streaming exclusively on iQIYI International (iq.com).
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