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Chinese MainlandMysteryChinese fantasyHorrorThrillerCostumeRevenge


Led by Aguli, the Wolf Guard Army plan to seize Liulei city in order to locate the treasures it covets: the Dragon Vein treasure of the Stealing Heaven Clan and the world’s number one beauty, Shi Tianjiao. Greatly outnumbered, the city's defense general Shi Wanfu conspires with his friend Xiao Buping to save the city's people and his daughter, Shi Tianjiao. They utilize the secret techniques of the Stealing Heaven Manual to turn Liulei into a haunted city. They cast seven layers of horrifying curses and behead themselves before their souls vanish. Thinking that Shi Wanfu is dead, the Wolf Guard Army hastily enters the city. Unexpectedly, the city is filled with countless tombs and ominous signs, and many Wolf Guard generals die tragically one after another. The rumor of the Headless General’s appearance and the curses coming true spreads, causing panic among the people. Aguli remains unyielding and commands his soldiers to dig through the underground palace for the Dragon Vein. The Headless General reappears and makes use of the mysterious traps and poisonous insects in the underground palace to turn the Wolf Guard Army members against each other. With Xiao Buping's support, he successfully kills Aguli, repels the Wolf Guard Army and rescues Shi Tianjiao and the city’s people.
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