Have A Crush On You

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24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandDramaMarriageMandarin


Lin Yumeng stands up for her friend who has been deceived by her playboy boyfriend. The confrontation escalates from a war of words to a full-blown physical fight. As a martial arts descendent, Lin Yumeng, in the midst of a quibble, "accidentally" damages a luxury car, leading to an absurd situation where she is unable to compensate the whimsical owner, Ji Lingsu. He insists that she sign a contract to settle the debt! After marriage, Lin Yumeng's life undergoes a drastic transformation. She is subjected to various arrangements and "bullying" by Ji Dashao. As she delves deeper into the understanding of the Ji family, Lin Yumeng starts to sympathize with her contractual husband. She actively disrupts the stepmother's conspiracy and secures her biological mother's shares. In the process, she inadvertently "loses" her own heart. What was initially just a "contract marriage" turns into a genuine connection between the male and female protagonists. Oh well, since it's a beautiful mistake, might as well go all the way with it!
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Episodes 1-24