Green Snake

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The Luochuan River acts as boundaries among Ice mansions. All souls and spirits waiting for rebirth must be ferried by oracle Xun Ya. The Green Snake that suffered heart-split by thunders fell into the River, and was saved by Xun Ya using his true soul of dragon. Though she survived, Green Snake had the severe cold toxin in her body. Xun Ya conjured an inn called” Three Lives” by the Luochuan River, providing a shelter for Green Snake as the shopkeeper. Moreover, he made a teenager named Zhe Sheng out of a piece of magic paper to keep her company. Three hundred years later, in the inn, a guest named Shen Xiu took his clothes dirtied by the liquor as an excuse, and asked Zhe Sheng to reserve a main room for him. Zhe Sheng refused it angrily. The demon Rui forced Xiao Rou to drink the wine, and Green Snake saved her out of kindness.
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