Golden Spider City

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1 h 26 m
Chinese MainlandMysteryDramaAdventure


Because of an archaeological note left by his parents, Sima Cong was targeted by a wealthy businessman in Thailand who threatened with the life of Sima Cong's girlfriend, Lisa, to make him take them on an expedition. During the expedition, Sima Cong met Ba Ye, a genius boy who escaped from the blood-stained coffin in the tomb. At this time, the villain Xiang Ye, who suddenly appeared underground, revealed a shocking secret. The real identity of the eighth master turned out to be Sima Cong's father, Sima Hui, who had been missing for many years. Lord Xiang forced the three to continue looking for the whereabouts of the Golden Spider City. This time, Sima Hui decided to take on the responsibility of his father again, and Sima Cong, who had always been selfish, also came to his senses. Along with the reconciliation of father and son, the underground Golden Spider City also revealed the mystery of an alien civilization.
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