Golden House Hidden Love

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24 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceFantasyComedyYouthMandarin


Jin Xia, a girl who thinks she will be single for the rest of her life, uses a 30-year loan to buy an ancient mansion in the small “Wangqi Town” by the sea. On the first night of moving into the ancient mansion, Jin Xia meets Nan Hua, an old-fashioned man who has lost his memory. Nan Hua possesses supernatural powers and claims to have lived in the ancient mansion for a thousand years. After several unsuccessful attempts to evict Nan Hua, Jin Xia is forced to hide Nan Hua in order to protect her old mansion, which she has been working hard to pay off, and hence commencing a cohabitation routine exclusively for the "Golden House of Hidden Love". During the cohabitation, Nan Hua recalls that he is actually an “ancient person” who has lived for a thousand years. The reason he is staying in the ancient mansion is actually to wait for someone, and various signs show that that person might very likely be his housemate, Jin Xia.
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Episodes 1-24