Forbidden Zone

Detalhes | Forbidden Zone

1h 27m


As celestial bodies converge and a celestial phenomenon occurs, nine dragons emerge from the universe, pulling a bronze giant coffin across the North Star domain. They arrive at the forbidden zone of life, the Burial Sky Island. Rumor has it that the Burial Sky Island holds imperial treasures that can significantly enhance a cultivator's cultivation. Major sects and wandering cultivators from the North Star domain gather at the Baihu Field in the Cloud Soaring Holy Land, intending to set foot on the island and seize the treasures. Among them is Ji Kong (played by Feng Lijun), an orphan. Ji Kong was adopted by his master at the Sword Pavilion since he was young. His master noticed his extraordinary talent and paid a huge price to forge millions of swords to send him to the Cloud Soaring Holy Land for cultivation. Now, as the Burial Sky Island descends, Ji Kong, along with his martial brothers from the Sword Pavilion, sets foot on the island, competing for the imperial treasures, and catching a glimpse of the path to becoming an emperor.
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