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31 Episodes
Chinese MainlandRomanceDramaComedyCostumeMandarinAncient


Rumor has it that Lie Yun, the General of Dingnan in Dongrui Kingdom, doesn't come close with women. An Chen, the thief of Anhun Pavilion, a powerful force in the Jianghu, disguised herself as a man to become Lie Yun's personal long-term assistant in order to steal the border defense map of Lie's family. With funny episodes in between, the relationship between the two developed by leaps and bounds. Although Lie Yun felt that An Chen's identity was suspicious, getting along with An Chen seemed to open the door to a new world, and he felt unprecedented happiness and sweetness. While the two were deeply in love and enjoying the beauty of their first love, various forces stirred up the relationship. In order to punish An Chen for his betrayal, Anhun Pavilion forced An Chen to make a choice between killing Lie Yun or committing suicide.
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