Detalhes | Firestorm

1h 19m


Wei Feng is imprisoned due to a traffic accident. After completing his sentence, he discovers that his sister fell into a telecom fraud trap while trying to repay the compensation money for him and committed suicide out of fear of embezzlement. Determined to uncover the truth behind his sister's death, Wei Feng utilizes his exceptional driving skills to compete with the second-in-command of the criminal group, Wei Shao. Successfully infiltrating the criminal organization, he aims to eventually expose the group's leader, Bo Ge. To achieve his goal, Wei Feng turns against his longtime brothers and endures humiliation while infiltrating the criminal group. With the cooperation of his brother Xiaopeng, they obtain evidence of the criminal activities. When things are exposed, Wei Shao dies in a car accident while trying to escape, and Bo Ge seeks revenge, engaging in a deadly battle with Wei Feng. The police arrive in time and apprehend Bo Ge, ultimately bringing down the entire criminal organization in their net.
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