Fengshen The Fall of King Zhou

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The legend of the Descendants of the Yue Family's Army unfolds as Nüwa and the other gods initiate the "Sealing God Plan" to overthrow the rule of the Shang Dynasty. They arrange for the Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit to possess the beautiful Daji and seduce the king. King Zhou, Emperor Xin, defies the divine decree and challenges the heavens, engaging in a game with the gods at the "Plucking Stars Tower" in his pursuit of power and immortality. Amidst the agonizing struggle, King Zhou becomes infatuated with Daji, lavishing her with endless favor, and, incited by Shen Gongbao, he mercilessly harms loyal subjects, including the wise Bian Gan, who cannot deter him even by offering sincere advice. The turmoil and suffering inflict unbearable pain on the people. Jiang Ziya, the great sage, comes to the aid of the regional lords, leading them to converge on the capital city of Chaoge, where King Zhou, together with the fox demon Daji, stands against fate. Thus, a war epic spanning across the realms of humans, gods, and demons commences...
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