Fairy From the Painting

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24 Episodes
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Tak Yuen


Gu Yancheng, the heir of the Gu Group who lost his sculpting ability, meets Yu Xuan, a on-call chauffeur who looks similar to the woman in the "Fairy Emblem" that has been passed down in his family for thousands of years. The strangest thing is that he will unconsciously rush forward to protect Yu Xuan whenever he sees her in danger. In order to verify his reaction, and also how Yu Xuan is helping him recover his sculpting ability, has Gu Yancheng plan to let Yu Xuan become his driver and assistant for her to live in his home. One is a narcissist and extreme perfectionist, the other a big-hearted and strong assistant. These two started off with a mutual dislike but with the "cohabitation life" the two of them start getting together. Gu Yancheng starts becoming the caring yet domineering CEO. However, as their relationship progress, Yu Xuan found out about "Fairy Emblem" and how this has all been fake.
Episodes 1-24