Extreme Speed Police-The War on Drugs

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This film is based on a true story of the Ministry of Public Security's supervision of the 516 Sichuan major drug manufacturing and trafficking case. On a national highway in Dachuan City, the squad leader of the anti-drug team, Cao Renfan, leads his team in a fierce gunfight with desperate drug traffickers who have hijacked a bus, rescuing hostages and arresting the drug manufacturer Peng Jiahao. The anti-drug team conducts in-depth investigation and analysis, destroying the conspiracy meticulously planned by the behind-the-scenes drug lord to find out the police undercover, and using Peng Jiahao as bait to capture the Southeast Asian drug raw material kingpin "Brother Qiao." The drug den rooted in Liujia Mountain is exposed, and the anti-drug special task force, along with nearly a hundred special police officers, engage in a desperate battle with the extremely vicious drug manufacturing and trafficking gang, vowing to destroy this large criminal organization.
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