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"Exclusive Fairytale" is adapted from the popular IP novel "Once We Come Across Love." The series is directed by Gong Yushi, known for "Drinking the Clear Rain After the Lake," and stars Wen Junhui (GOING SEVENTEEN 2020), and Zhang Miaoyi (Let's Meet Now). The story follows the sensitive and independent overachiever Ling Chao (played by Wen Junhui) and the carefree and adorable underachiever Xiao Tu (played by Zhang Miaoyi). They have known each other since birth and have a love-hate relationship as childhood friends. With the help of their parents and friends, they eventually embark on a sweet and romantic journey. Whether in kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, or high school, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu are like a pair of bound and inseparable commodities. They cannot shake off their connection no matter how much they try. It is only when Xiao Tu mistakenly believes that she has feelings for Yin Zihan (played by Xiong Aobo) and nearly breaks up with Ling Chao that he realizes the indispensable place Xiao Tu holds in his heart. The series will be available for streaming on iQiyi International (iq.com).

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Exclusive Fairytale
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