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“Sun” is a debt collector and also who never successfully collects debt. He has “Tai” as his competitor, who is a new debt collector. Instead of collecting debt, Tai gets Mangkorn as an exchange for interest. Sun also gets a mission from his father to collect debt from “Atid” otherwise he will be forced to be bankrupt so he asks Sun to go to Atid island. On the way to Atid island, Sun meets “Talay” and “Nai” friends and henchmen of Atid so Sun’s plan is to get close with Atid from these. Atid knows that Sun comes to collect the debt but he doesn’t care and tells Sun to go back to Bangkok. Sun pesters Atid around until Atid gets annoyed and trick Sun to an abandoned house at the end of the island. And that is the beginning of the whole chaotic story. At the end, could the sun collect the debt from Atid or the bad guy is going to turn out to be lover. Watch Even Sun online only on iQIYI.
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