Dragon hidden in A mysterious hole

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Directed by Guo Yulong and starring Zhu Zizhi as the lead role, a suspenseful detective film. A "ghost ship" stops by the harbour, boss wants to close the case as soon as possible by covering it up as a "water bandit's rebellion" but Dee feels that something is fishy. The Empress orders the Dali Temple to close the case within three days, and Shen Ming has to put pressure on Detective Dee to solve the case. Leng Jiyue, the chief of the supervisor of the waters, also joins the case and meets Duan Yan, an old acquaintance, on the "ghost ship." The three of them went to the informant central of Chang'an, "Lower City," to get information. They found the Yunku, the secret den of the two major forces and as they enter the ancient tomb and unraveled various traps, they accidentally fall into a dire situation. The truth gradually emerges, the ceremony is approaching, various dark forces waiting for the opportunity to move, and Detectuve Dee has long been aware of the obvious trap...
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