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Dr. Tang is a medical drama directed by Wen Deguang ("Story of Yanxi Palace"), starring Qin Lan ("City of Life and Death," "Story of Yanxi Palace), Wei Daxun ("Women In Beijing"), Huang Jue ("Minning Town") with a special appearance by David Wang ("Project Gutenberg," "Love Is Not Blind"). The drama tells the story of Tang Jiayu, the chief of cardiac surgery at Anhe Hospital, who, together with a group of colleagues, solved 28 cases of difficult and rare heart diseases and successfully developed a domestically-produced "magnetic levitation artificial heart." Tang Jiayu (played by Qin Lan), a female surgeon who has been practicing abroad for many years, suddenly returns to China and joins the Beijing Anhe Jisheng Hospital. There, she replaces Song Baode (played by Yang Zihua), who has just been acting director for less than a month, to become the director of the heart center. In addition, Vice President Liu Feng (played by Huang Jue) sets the goal of developing a domestically-produced artificial heart, and Jiayu is tasked with two missions: to treat all kinds of critical cardiac patients and develop a domestically-produced artificial heart; and to deal with five unruly male subordinates, and medical director Ouyang Zhenyu (played by Gao Lu). At the same time, Jiayu and anesthesiologist Ye Yiming (played by Wei Daxun) become gradually became confidants to each other, but the appearance of her ex-husband Zhao Jinan (played by David Wang) shatters all the peace in front of her. When her career and life hit the bottom, the artificial heart passed the animal test and was successfully implanted into a firefighter's body, making the cyborg in the science fiction movie a reality. The domestically-produced "magnetic levitation" artificial heart has since officially entered the clinical trial stage. This drama will be aired on iQIYI's global site (iq.com), starting with six episodes being released on 25 June, along with two episodes airing everyday at 19:30.
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