Danger of Her

Thông tin | Danger of Her

14 tập
Trung Quốc đại lụcBí ẨnTình TiếtThành ThịGia ĐìnhHôn Nhân

Đạo diễn

Li Shuang

Diễn viên chính

Ma Qiu Zi, Creamy, Li Jin Feng

Miêu tả

Lu Zicong goes to his lawyer, Wang Chen, for help, because he doubts that his wife, Qiao Wei, wants to kill him. Three months ago at a party with friends, Qiao Wei met her ex, Qi Kai. She slept over at Nicole’s that night. Su Yao, a friend who had grudges with Qiao Wei, wrote an article, entitled Where has the goddess been tonight, on her official account. It takes off the perfect disguise of Qiao Wei’s marriage. The paranoid Lu Zicong often abuses Qiao Wei. In the meantime, Nicole’s bestie, He Anxin met the jerk who raped her. Destiny brings Qiao Wei, Su Yao, Nicole and He Anxin together…
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