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The story is about Xia Yumeng, an out of the world cartoonist who is willing to be useless person all his life. The ultimate villain, Shen Mingxi, created in his self-indulgent cartoon work, suddenly traveled through time and space when a celestial anomaly came to her world from the cartoon, which both fits the persona in the cartoon and has strange amnesia. His creator, Xia Yumeng, is only able to take charge of Han Lei, and in the hustle and bustle, this villain stir into her emotions with the man of her dreams, Ren Yunjie. In the midst of this, her hard-hearted best friend Yuan Yilin and Shen's number one follower Han Feiyang keep adding to the drama. With that, Xia and Shen fall in love with each other and become entangled in a love-hate relationship. For their ultimate happiness and world peace, Xia Yumeng decides to implement a villainous boyfriend transformation plan to transform Shen Mingxi into a great young man of the 21st century...
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Episodes 1-23