Cry Me A River of Stars

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24 Episodes
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Cry Me A River of Stars (2021)-A story of handsome and all-round county magistrate Tao Junran (Luo Zheng) and A Fan (Huang Riying), a loyal, frank and quirky barge owner. They experienced a series of strange and changeful events while having fun with their love and hate every day. Magistrate Tao Junran came to Biyun County, the so-called “Backyard for the Imperial Family”, and the story began. He wanted to check the barge for an old case, and A Fan wanted to please the magistrate. They unknowingly grew closer to each other and proved the true love for each other while getting through all the “difficulties”. It is adapted from the novel of the same name in iQIYI Literature. The lead actor Luo Zheng was on iQIYI’s variety show Idol Producer in 2018 and debuted subsequently. The youth idol drama Make My Heart Smile, of which he is also the lead actor, is already on iQIYI.
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Episodes 1-24