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"Dao Nuea, a working-age man that just broke up with his first love, takes a vacation at TheAir Khao Yai and meet Nai, a man that improves his mood despite a short meeting. After Dao Nuea returns, Nai disappears for three months. He tries to forget all about Nai by returning to the old life, working with Tee, the co-owns and his first love. Still, Tee wants a second chance to return the relationship. The situation changes as the company has no income at the time, eventually forced to hand out portfolios to potential customers. Nai agrees to help Tee as a former schoolmate. Dao Nuea knows he wants to go back to Nai, but is rather reluctant as Nai has an on-and-off girlfriend. Despite all the obstacles, Dao Nuea and Nai clear up their issues, and accept that they have fallen in love. Watch Check Out Series rerun and online only on iQiyi."
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